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Common Spring-Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

by Hal Blades 04/02/2019

Most homeowners dread spring cleaning. It always appears that there is so much to do after the cold, musty season of winter. Spring runs from late March through late June, meaning it will soon be time to open the windows and slap on the cleaning gloves. To make sure the home is as clean as it should be, here are common spring-cleaning mistakes to avoid.

    Failing to look up

    Going in without a plan

    Skipping the clutter

    Going in alone

    Using the wrong tools

Now you know what mistakes you've probably made with spring cleaning in the past, use this knowledge to get it right in the coming season. If you plan to sell your home this spring, start cleaning early. Ask your local real estate specialist the best time to hold your spring open house, and get the spring cleaning done in time for it.